Jack-in-the-Box on a Friday night


I ran out of food in my apartment. So first I bought some chips from the new vending machine the management installed here. I’m on a diet but I was starving and the chips weren’t enough so I drove thru Jack-in-the-Box. That was my Friday night. Oh yeah, I finished my paper. The cashier at “Jack” doesn’t like me and I don’t like him but it’s only 5 minutes from my house so…


glad you finished your paper. And got dinner. lol. have a good one.


You are in good mood. Nice to read your “Friday’s night”.


What is Jack in the Box? We don’t have them here where I live, but I’ve heard of them.


It’s a fast food restaurant that you can drive-through to get your meal without getting out of your car. It’s like McDonald’s.


i thought you had stored enough food for the apocalypse :boom:…lol
what happened to all the brownies ?
well done on finishing the paper.
take care :alien:


I gave all that food away to our local food bank about 7 months ago. They really scored. I went to that food bank a few years ago when I was broke. They gave me bread, vegetables, eggs etc. But nothing like the food I gave them 7 months ago. I donated like 20 boxes of cake and brownie mixes, 7 or 8 boxes of microwave popcorn, 7 or 8 jars of ice cream toppings, 10 boxes of cold cereal, and more. I figure I gave them almost $200.00 worth of food. I couldn’t eat it because it I was gaining weight at an alarming rate.


your a good bloke…for doing that.
you are a kind soul.
take care :alien: