Tips on food for the desperate. I'm kind of joking

When I went in for an interview to work at Jack-in-the-Box a few of the employees gave me a bunch of free food. So if you’re ever starving and you have no money…
OR, (this one ended badly) At Mexican restaurants where I live, when they seat you, they bring you a basket full of tortilla chips and a little bowl of salsa for free. When I was in my addiction, I was broke because I spent all my money on drugs. I usually spent all my food money on crack. So one night I was starving as usual. So it was my brilliant idea to go into a Mexican restaurant with a friend and let them seat us and then we devoured two baskets of chips. Then we told the waitress that I had left my wallet at home and we prepared to leave. Unfortunately she was on to us. It got rather embarrassing until we slunk out feeling like fools. It went easier when were were at ANOTHER Mexican restaurant and we ordered two plates of Nachos and then strolled out without paying.

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for a time i lived on ’ borrowed ’ nescafe coffee and some pices of white bread…yuk ! and boiled potatoes…but even that ran out.
i used to walk around town hoping to find some change in the gutters…to get some food with.
take care :alien:

Hmm. A coffee sandwich? And hash browns? I hope those days are long gone for you.

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Apples, bread and potatoes go along way - Lots of them for a cheap price. Been known to get the food packages for the poor. But after about 5 times my pride got the better of me and will no longer get them. Despite my social worker giving me a huge list of all the places that give them out. Now, things aren’t as dark as they were about two years ago. Mind you, I ended up losing two stereos and all my CD’s and DVD’s to the local hock (pawn) shop.