J&J's Patient Assistance Program

Has anyone tried Johnson & Johnson’s Patient Assistance Program to help cover 100% of the costs of your Invega Sustenna?

If so, are you insured or uninsured? How might you be covering the costs of a prescriber/therapist?

Are you able to do this while paying your other living expenses?

Many thanks

Not with J and J, but I was approved by each manufacturer for Farxiga and Entresto for heart failure. I have Medicare with a Prescription Part D plan. They send you the meds by mail. You have to recertify something like every six months or a year.

The meds are free and I have been living on my own since 2008.

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If you have Medicare, you don’t qualify for it. So I tried to use it, but because I have Medicare, I was denied

I’d heard that the program might be offered in conjunction with Medicaid, where I might have my drugs sent directly to my prescriber’s pharmacy free of charge.

However, I’m uncertain whether I might be covered without any (or suboptimal levels of) insurance.

Have others heard or ran into this?

What have been other’s experiences?

But that’s quite disappointing that you were denied.

What might the costs be of your current medications? And did they assess premiums, copays, or coinsurances on them? And what might those have been?

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From my understanding, Medicaid patients also don’t qualify, but it’s worth looking into just in case

They don’t care what it costs. I still don’t qualify. I’m on very cheap meds so I can afford them. I can’t afford Invega, and many other meds.