I've got to quit getting drunk

I got good and drunk Friday night. When I do that I am not always sure of what I am going to do when inebriated. That’s scary. Also, it sets me back. I was doing constructive things, but my getting drunk interrupted that. I spent most of Saturday nursing a hangover.

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Ya man. Don’t drink!

Yeah getting drunk does you no good but it still happens to me. Last Monday I drank 35cl of vodka then 4 or more cans of premium larger (can’t remember). Anyway I was a mess mentally the next day. I’m best when I do what I’m doing tonight and that is just taking my time with 3 x 660ml bottles of larger. No hangover or mental wreck the next day.

My mistake was drinking vodka and it being early in the day. Common sense went out the window.

It’s expensive that’s for sure.

Hard liquor is too concentrated for me. I always end up drinking more than I meant to.

Not the way I’ve been doing it. I make my own. This guy showed me how. I mix yeast, sugar, oatmeal, and water, and wait 3 or 4 days, and I have some pretty strong alcohol to drink. The quality of what I get varies. I don’t know why. Maybe the quality of the yeast.

Same here when I started I had a set amount in mind I was going to drink. Once I finished I was back to the shop for larger. That is my problem with drink when I start I don’t want to stop.

hmmmmm… well I don’t really want to do that. it’s cool it only takes a couple days.

I love me some bar time

You got my support in quitting

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I got drunk yesterday and I’ve had the blues all day. I have another twelve pack still in the fridge because my step brother didn’t come over as planned…I don’t even want the beer that’s left. I hope you stop drinking @crimby

I had it in mind earlier today to get drunk but luckily I didn’t do it. It really messes my head up these days getting drunk.

Drinking feels good at the time, but then the next day can be so sour and depressing. Alcohol is a depressant. Most of the time I am perfectly happy before I start to drink, and I know the alcohol is going to mess it up, but I drink anyway. It’s just this inexplicable craving that I have.

If you seriously want to give it up. throw away your alcohol and attend 12 step meetings? just a thought.

I’m going to aa tonight at 7. Day 1. Good luck to all of us trying to get sober.


I seriously want give it up for about one day after I’ve drank. Have you ever heard of “euphoric recall”? I have good memories of different drinking episodes. As for AA, transportation is a problem. There are no meetings in the tiny town where I live, and we go into Siloam Springs, a bigger town, once a week when we shop for groceries. Also, AA is supposed to be a program of “rigorous honesty”. There are certain things they’re likely to try to force on me at an AA meeting which I won’t accept. I would call them on their honesty, which would only get people drunk.

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If your concentration is up to it, you could read the AA literature:

Alcohol was my very favorite psych med for 18 years. “Cured” me of my awful “blues” and frustrations in fifteen or twenty minutes. Took me 18 years to figure out that it had really nasty side effects… including making me blue and frustrated, as well as wrecking careers and relationships left and right.

Do you go to AA now?

I will be 55 on wednesday.I have been drinking for a long time.I black out allot.I once quit drinking for eleven years.Between AA and my now ex-girlfriend ,they kept me clean and sober. I am living alone now and I really miss having a woman around. Good luck to you !