My family--how they think

They’re convinced I’m mentally ill no matter how many times I say I faked it. Now I think I’m going to hell because they’re not looking to save me from danger because they think there is no danger because they think it’s just in my head.

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I’ve been telling my treatment team I faked it/malingered it for 9 years and they don’t believe me. I’m still on a community treatment order and its been 9 years. My community nurse says I’ve been unwell but I don’t believe them. Maybe I am truly unwell?

You are truly unwell, you tried to get a microchip out of your body

I haven’t read your past post @Crystal-Cotton but believe me don’t go down the rabbit hole of microchips. I have and doesn’t end up very well. You have your youth which is a very good thing for you recovery.

I won’t. My few delusions are mild

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I wish you wellness and happiness.


they believed you when you said you had been faking it? Or you think they believed that?

For someone who says they’re not mentally ill you sound profoundly mentally ill. I think your energy is better spent working with your treatment team so you can be less unwell.

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No they don’t believe that.

Do you get the part where I’m not the only dictator, there is like 1000 or less of them as well?

No. You get that part because you’re delusional so it makes sense to you. Everyone else is listening to you and going WTF. Sorry for being blunt, but that’s the truth of it.

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