Its unrealistic to earn money from art

Aswell as from StarCraft. You have to be very good


LOL I can’t think of a better way of earning good money than the street artist sketching live. Oh and by the way I’m a sketcher myself.


Yes. I can say that having tried to be a musician for ten years or so. The way to make money doing art is to focus on a service that incorporates your art of choice.

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Do what you love.

Having just read Stephen King’s book on writing, he recommends that he didn’t set out writing to make money, but did it because he loved it.

If you do something you enjoy and don’t make any money from it then you haven’t lost anything because you had hours of pleasure and enjoyment doing it. If you make money from it then it is a bonus.

I get the sense from your posts that money is the great motivation for you. Money and fame is so important as status and getting what you want, like all the objects you desire. Jim Carrey said, “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.”

I agree with him.


I this this is crap. Do what you love and you will be successful. People work hard work like crazy they like it or not . Thats how they become successful. You can like alot of doing things but you can become bored easy from them. To do what you love is crap. And money is important in life. Not as much as family or health. But its very important for quality of life

Without discipline you will not have anything in life. If you love to sleep and you are bored you will not be happy of life. Easy for tgem to say when they have it all

It is ok for you to think this is crap.

Do what you love and it doesn’t matter if you become successful or not, because your happiness in doing what you love is the most important thing.

I am not saying you will definitely become financially ‘successful’ in doing what you love, but you will be happier for doing it.

Unfortunately, very few people in this capitalist society are happy in what they do. They do it because they have to, or are unhappy in being successful.

Tell me what is successful to you?

When did I say discipline is not needed?

On the contrary, when it comes to work like art or writing, discipline is essential.

Comparing the love of sleep to love of work isn’t a viable comparison. You were talking about your art, not love of sleep and so was I.

Maybe you can earn money from illustrating for books and magazines, and or teach or tutor people art and give lessons.

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Even though I don’t draw that much for my work, I did create art as a “Graphic/Visual Designer”. You can find creative work and make money. I got to work with professional illustrators who I was just in awe of. But I was happy making a living doing in a creative field.


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