The poor are not the only one who want change. By Dr Zen

thank’s too the wise women and men on this board for the greatest answers that i have ever know in my life. but i m puzzled , i have never made money with my art. and i am not real well known. i find my heart is in it but not the money. for if it was, who knows. i am reaching out. there are a vast ways of art id like to try. with out the diploma. schooling may be in part, but i am more of a self do’er . i have worked in place mass making art but i am a free too crate my brand of art, unseen by man. any one suggest something to farther my Dream’s


Maybe you could develop two styles of art, one to make money, and the other to be great art. The commercial artist Thomas Kincaid, turned away from high art and made paintings with intense charm that have sold incredibly well. Sometimes when I view his pictures of a scene in a picturesque village I fantasize about drinking beer in the local pub. If that isn’t your cup of tea, maybe you could go goth. Study the genre, and see if you can improve upon it. If not that, find some other popular genre, but hang on to your artistic yearnings.

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