It's so smoky it seems like an overcast day

It’s got me feeling a little blue. I get sad thinking about the fires anyway. The loss of the trees and the poor wildlife. Not to mention what the firefighters are going through and the people who are losing their homes and businesses. And I’m scared because it seems like every year it gets worse. I don’t understand how there’s anything left to burn after last year.


Yeah, I remember getting evacuated last year,

It was pretty scary.

After that I also couldn’t imagine it getting worse,

But I think it’s fair to say it’ll be worse every year, unfortunately.

At least that’s what the news says.

I guess we’ll have to start raking the woods like Trump said to do,



Hazy here too.

Not a good mix for people with breathing problems. My grandma has been struggling with pneumonia lately.



Ah my sweet home state of California, how delicate she burns, raging ■■■■■ goddess.

The land of gold will kill all that dare cross it.

Orange hues and the smell of smoke, outside of the danger zone, but close enough to feel fear.

Sadly, to many people are distracted by shiny things, goblins after glittering metals, and clear gems, they just don’t care.


That’s so scary. And devastating. I’m thankful that I don’t have to worry about that in my life, but I sure feel awful for those who do

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