Grandbabies just left

I had a wonderful visit. We took the babies out on the grass and let them explore all around for a couple hours. The grass was cool and shaded. They were getting kind of wild though, time to go home for a nap.


Sounds fun, @leaf!

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it was, hey where are you?

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We’re at a friend’s house.

We live closer to like Central California than Northern, really.

Are there fires where you live or close?

Feels like the whole state is going up.

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Yes we have a couple fairly close fires, close enough for smoke, which is blowing the other direction right now, thankfully, but not close enough to worry about life or property. Your friend is in the evacuation warning zone? Are you going to have to move again?

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They expanded the warning out to where we are now.

We may have to move again, but I’m not sure.

Just waiting to see what happens.

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OH man, well I guess once you’re mobile it’s not that hard to move again but it’s a matter of finding a place with everything burning. I wish you luck. I’ve been thinking about you and hoping good things for you and your family.

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Thank you, @leaf.

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