The forest fires are so bad

To the north and east of us. We are safe here but the sky looks foggy and it turns the moon orangey red. I feel so awful for all the people who are evacuated and waiting to hear if they still have homes to go back to. We haven’t had any rain for weeks along with searing temperatures and when it did rain it was so little. The whole province is under a no burn zone. No rain expected in the foreseeable future and temps continue to climb. Bad situation.


prays for you all.

Im not religious but do pray.
sometimes. :slight_smile:

bush fires are so terrifying.

i am so afraid of them.

My favourite man is a fire fighter and my boyfriend was a fire fighter and had a incident that gave him ptsd.

it is so painful to get burnt.

think of all the poor animals.

the wild life and farm animals that get abandoned to burn alive while the humans evacuate.

i am a coward (scardy cat) coward is the uglier word i guess and its my ugliest side perhaps.
im not brave. dont want to be either.

im amazed at fire fighters.

i am my x in sa biggest fan according to me.

love and good wishes to you all.

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Here it is the opposite. In the Southeast of Belgium there was a flood yesterday. At least 14 people died.

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That is scary s***. Glad you’re safe where you are. I feel for the people that might lose their homes, that has to be heartbreaking

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The poor air quality is interfering with my walks. Had to ditch at lunch yesterday and then cut a photo expedition short yesterday evening.

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From last night.


Oh that’s not good!

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Western Canada looks like an ashtray in the satellite pictures this week.

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It seems to me that this is now a problem for the whole country and the whole world. We have to resolve to do something.

I’m not sure how you’re going to stop lightning strikes?

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I was thinking of global warming, which might be related to the problem of fires.

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My cousin and her family just got evacuated from the western fires

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