Its really hard to live with schizophernia...!

I feel like every moment filled with>>>!!
Every mintues filled with anxiety…!!!
Every hour with fear…!!!
How u guys take ur life as…!!
For me its really unbearable…???

what are you fearing? or is it just general anxiety?

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Yeah it kinda general anxiety(panic attack)…!!!

I think it’s funny because, despite having almost no social life and no friends, I don’t feel sad because of that. I have no general anxiety (just some intrusive thoughts that I’m being able to deal with). I don’t feel terrible for being schizophrenic. I just want to be alone most part of the time. Maybe I’ve got some anxiety when around people, just it.

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U are a cool guy @brugluiz…!!!


Thanks, @far_cry0 :D!
You’re a cool guy too.

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That’s why i choose this forum…!!! u guys are very positive which i lack…!!! have a good day !!!


You’re in the same boat as me in shark infested water and there’s a storm and our boats sinking we’re dead meat

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Yup, live with SZ is hard. Can’t really remember the moments when I was really afraid, but I remember the aggresive voices telling me to kill myself. Sh… It was awful. Lack of trust in everyone else and no faith in myself, and this void all aroud… damn. Don’t want to get through this never again. Hang in there man.