It's pay day for Phil today

But we gotta fix Hum.

Labor Day is on the 3rd of the month,

so those of us on SSDI might have to wait for our money.


I’m almost positive that we will be paid on the 1st this month of September since the 3rd is a holiday…they can’t pay us on the 4th…it has to come before or on the 3rd.

ok, yeah, the 1st is a Saturday, but I can’t remember

if I’ve ever gotten it on Saturday, doesn’t it need to be a business day?

I guess the banks are open though. not sure.

they pay you friday at midnight…

ok, well great we’ll have a good holiday then :slight_smile:

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Don’t they pay some people on the first second and third?? I get paid on the second or does everyone?? Isn’t it by your last name

I’m not on SSI though, it’s SSD.

what happened to Abe?


U guys are lucky…!!! We dont have disablity money over here…!!! ■■■■ ya all…!!!


yeah, but we paid in


I’ve been working since I was 14, and delivered newspapers before that

SSDI pays you accordingly to your birthday. I get paid the second Wednesday of every month.

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really? My birthday is the 11th,

and I always get it by the 3rd,

usually on the 1st.


Really 15151515

yeah, cuz I pay my bills around the 8th day of the month,

and they all go thru. I can check to be sure, but it always comes
at the beginning of the month, almost certain.

I took the pay calendar down I felt like I was putting my personal business out there didn’t feel right but idk maybe am just tripping I get two checks one on the 1st and one on the 3rd by the looks of it I think I might get both on the 31 this time but I guess everyone situation different

ok, that calendar said today for SSI

it didn’t really seem right

but yeah, we’ll get it before holiday

thanks, glad you’re back, I thought I pissed you off or something.

Nah lol we good no worries

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Am keep it real I feel like useless kinda embarrassed that get a check anybody else feel that way? I used to work and had so much potential now am just withering away at home with this damn ilness it’s sucks but I guess could be worse idk

I want to do so much more, yes

I’m better than this

don’t give up, honey

you never know

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