Its our thoughts that shape our genes

prove it then, prove that the numerous studies done on this subject are wrong.

Lol believe whatever nonsense you want to believe.

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i said ‘numerous studies’ or does that not mean anything to a master of biology?

It means these so-called “studies” are bullshit.


says you, you think you know better than the whole of the scientific community? suit yourself

We only deteriorate over time.

So, I perused the article out of curiosity. Nowhere does it say you can change your DNA. It talks about affecting gene regulation, as in “turning on” and turning off" genes, affecting which genes get expressed. That is something entirely different than “changing your genes.” I’m skeptical about changing the gene regulation processes, but I will concede that is possible.


its the same thing, gene expression can switch genes off and on which affects our genes (changes) its called epigenetics

here is another article about it you might find interesting

sorry i cant seem to one-box it but but its worth the read

It’s not the same thing. The DNA sequence (gene) always remains the same; all that changes in gene regulation is determining if/when a gene gets transcribed into mRNA, and if/when the mRNA gets translated into a protein. DNA is nothing more than a blueprint for making proteins. You cannot change your DNA/genes, but their expression may be regulated.

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ok, you obviously know more about it than me but did you read the articles? what did you think?

It’s hard to say; I only skimmed the first article before closing it, then didn’t click on the second one. Tbh, I’m a paranoid guy, so I almost never click on articles people post on here, since I’m afraid of viruses and spyware. It’s not just your articles; I just typically don’t click on stuff I don’t fully trust.


ok, no problem, i havent got an agenda tbh, my reason for posting was one of trying to figure out if what we do affects us physically on a lower level i.e. genes and maybe even how what we do now can affect our offspring if we had any. i thought if we could somehow strengthen our thoughts and diet and everything else so that we can have a more positive experience in life that it would have a knock on effect not just for us but other too.

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this stood out for me-

Your biology doesn’t spell your destiny, and you aren’t controlled by your genetic makeup. Instead, your genetic activity is largely determined by your thoughts, attitudes, and perceptions. Epigenetics is proving that your perceptions and thoughts control your biology, which places you in the driver’s seat. By changing your thoughts, you can influence and shape your own genetic readout.

I’m skeptical of it too.

its ok to be skeptical, it makes sense to me, i’ll post a bit more on epigenetics- here is a bit more from the second article-

Dr. Lipton explains that you have cell membranes and the DNA are inside them. The cell membranes ‘read’ all external signals coming from your environment and changes the genes inside accordingly. The external signals it reads are:

  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Food/water
  • Movement
  • Air, noise, etc.

So this means that what we eat, what we think, and how we feel CONTROLS how our genes are expressed- for better or for worse.

Epigenetics proves that our body has the incredible ability to adapt and stay in health no matter what genes you have. This is the gift of God- that we are not victims of our biology but we are in control of it!

I doubt it.How come we’re ■■■■■■ up.

this video explains it a bit better…

incase you dont think what i am saying is credible, i found a thread by @SzAdmin in the news section about it…

DNA= mind of gene
RNA= brain
Genetic message= mental message
Proteins=body members

The mind makes thoughts
The gene makes proteins

the mind launching the Mental massage to brain to translated its content into executive behavior
The DNA launching the genetic message to RNA to translated its content into executive protein

The gene is a thing contain stable inherited information,repeat itself and making protein
The mind contains acquired information from the environment,repeats the information and makes new endless information (thoughts)
the mind is living entity ,grows along the time like the physical body ,but gene stable structure along time ( no baby gene, young gene or old )

The mind is more developed about the biological gene ,acquire his information from environment,education,learning and all sources of knowledge (makes him self )
the mental thoughts is like the gene working order “genetic message”
The mind able to modify/change its information over lifetime,gene not !
the mind itself is like developed gene,its working order is thoughts !!

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