Who shapes who we are?

who is it? what makes us who we are? from the beginning of time why are we the way we are?

why do i think the way i think?

I think it’s a combo of nature and nurture. So some of it is just how you were made, and some is the environment you grew up in


First and foremost other people, then culture/society, the physical surroundings, and sadly, at last, ourselves, would be my answer.

I think, that thinking is a stream generated by all those things in a mix with our bodies.

  • your genetics/nature
  • your nurture (upbringing by parents, peers, and society)
  • your environments and how you grew to accommodate them
  • your peers and how they influenced you
  • your perception of it all

I think genetics, upbringing and the environment.
I think that the decisions that we make ourselves are just as a result of a combination of all these things. Kind of like a domino effect.


It’s mostly genetic science now says
You are born who you are

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How your parents raised you as a child and what or who you are exposed to during your formative years.

How well you integrate with peers

How well your educational system experience benefits you.

Various life experiences as a teen and young adult.

Basically I believe it’s how well everyone treats you and how well you treat everyone else.

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i’m talking about, what makes us think the way we think?

Social convention

whats that then?

I don’t think just our upbringing shapes us, people are always going to change based on things for their whole life it doesn’t just stop when you become an “adult” there’s always new experiences and things to learn and neverending curve balls that life throws your way. As far as the way we think it could be as simple as your interests influences or experiences, things we see in a movie or read in a book, music any form of art, nature, personal belief systems who knows.


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