Its official, my mother in law is going out of town for two weeks!

Hoot and a holler? You’re either from the South, grew up there, or are close to southerners. I recognize that lolol

Oh, Skunky, you just made my day


Oh, Girl, you’ve been waiting SO long for this!! It’s going to be GREAT!! Praying for you and your husband to have an incredible time!! You only have to make YOUR own food!! Happy for you!!

Sad for her that she’s losing her sister. I do think the trip will be hard on her, and that could be a wake up call to how much she relies on you. Maybe she will be more appreciative!

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(Trust me on this.)

Absolutely! Do it in the room right next to mom if she comes back.


Lol do it where she normally sleeps while she’s gone lol


2 weeks is a nice break!
Enjoy @goldenrex!

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Good for you!!! Lol!

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That’s great! Also…

No one is going with her, She’s traveling alone.

How is she going to pull it off?

Who is going to take care of all her petty needs?

Those were my exact thoughts while I was reading your original post. Not your problem though. Maybe you can get a break from the Food Network… I’m spending a week away from the stepdad and I’m not going to watch a single second of a certain news network (not that I ever would anyway).


I’m late in the game so why is your mother in law living with you? Oh my god that would be horrible, but those vows of for better or for worse really have meaning.

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About a year ago she got really sick,

She was falling all the time, completely incoherent, and in renal failure with no insurance.

My husband moved her in and she miraculously got better,

Just as we were about to send her back home she broke her hip and things went down hill fast.

She needs constant attention and care.

Its been pretty much a year of me being her servant.

It is truly awful, robbed me of all my freedoms and made me a prisoner in my own home.

She does all sorts of annoying stuff we tell her not to and really manipulates my husband.

That’s the story.

Now for the first time in a year, I’m getting a break from her and I’m super looking forward to it.


You should throw a massive house party with dubstep music.


I’m happy you get a break even though it’s for a sad reason. Enjoy it!

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You know, this is a chance for some romance with Mr. goldenrex!

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Really cut loose and do a lot of naughty stuff to show your husband what he is missing.


That’s my plan.

Is it manipulative?

A little,

But he needs to know how much booty he can get when his mom isn’t in the next room,

Or even in the house.

Its a serious turn off having her here.

We couldn’t even do it on our anniversary because she was sleeping in the living room.


Haha I’d work it if I were you, he’s the one who needs the incentive at this point and I can’t think of a better one to give him.


Good for you!!! I love the plan!!!


Oh no I would not be happy and I’d be having a serious conversation with my husband. I would of course allow family to stay, but only if they respected boundaries and contributed. He needs to tell her about boundaries and hopefully she’s at least contributing financially.

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She’s not contributing much to the household,

We’re pretty much carrying her.

I think she’ll probably have to go to an assisted living facility in the next year or so.

I can’t be her caretaker forever,

I have a life.


Arrrrr, pirate booty

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I read every word of every post on this thread. The only two words that stuck out were loud sex. Damn, why can’t I have loud sex?