It's not right

For those who live in apartments. I live in a complex. I’m in the minority. The majority think that gives them license to steal. It’s weird to have some one who goes out of their way to bug you. Can you FEEL you’re neighbor is thinking of you? I face this every day. People who put the pressure on you until you break. Crack. But If I do something back they go crying to the manager or another neighbor. Am I imagining it?

I feel ppl watching me and listening through the walls. I believe that’s normal paranoid thoughts. But I just can’t shake it off.

I’ve never had any issues living in apartments, aside from maintenance issues and bugs. My last apartment was in a complex and I rarely even saw my neighbors. It was a very private and impersonal place, unless you happened to be one of those outgoing people who reached out and made an effort to get to know the neighbors than nobody really talked to each other than the occasional hello and this wasn’t even always the case.

Wonder if you just have an annoying neighbor…you get those if you live in an apartment or house.

Your neighbors might have guessed who you are but when you shut your door they can’t watch you and listen through the walls. In addition your neighbor got their own business to worry about. It’s impossible for them to think of you all the time. So all your pressure resulted from your paranoid thinking.

When I had my creepy neighbor I thought could hear him walking around in my attic (I was untreated).
My thoughts are obviously wrong.

I have medicine that aids in keeping a filter on what I’m thinking about even my current neighbor. What I do with these thoughts is I make a quick summation of what I am perceiving. I’ll tell myself “he’s just playing with his dog/” or “he’s just walking to his car./” That way I replace the thought of “he’s watching me,/” with something instead of just contradicting it.

You treat your mind like a car and drive it down the road you want it to go on. You have to create the road.

After declaring your new viewpoint then move on to another thought completely. You can create a library of pleasant daydreams to rely on.

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when I was paranoid, I thought my enemies have bought the flat right above my flat to monitor me and to torture me. When there are sound of drilling walls coming from above, I thought these enemies were driving me nuts by making these noises.

Now, I am not paranoid any more and found no enemy around me.

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My upstairs neighbor has a new girl friend… and they are very loud an amorous… a lot. So I know they aren’t thinking of me.

My neighbor on one side is hardly ever home. The other neighbor I’m starting a relationship with.
I can’t feel my neighbors thinking of me.

But my last apartment complex, everyone was so loud and rude and banging everything around. It was hard to relax there. I was so glad to get out.

When I was on Abilify ( it was not working well for me) I was paranoid a lot - There was this neighbor across our old house, who was bad news, and I was focused on him a lot. He was loud and obnoxious and a free loader - mooching off of his girlfriend who owned the house - he was into some very bad stuff - and many times there were suspicious characters visiting the house everyday. I was truly obsessed with his presence - I was paranoid and anxious at the time - very hyperaware of my environment.
But no I was right to be paranoid - this guy was just bad news, not the kind of guy you want as a neighbor


The people in my building always act as if they are the social assistance police. If someone knocks on the door asking for icing sugar do not let anyone in.

nick, u don’t sound very well. maybe u need to tweak ur meds a little? hope u do’t mind me saying so xxx

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I always have the feeling that people are watching me when I am alone in my room, even though it is physically impossible. I can’t shake it.

I don’t have so much of a problem with my neighbors (I live in a complex as well but there’s only 4 apartments in each unit). I get annoyed when we have loud people living above us, this one guy used to stay up until like 3 in the morning making all kinds of ruckus talking on the phone, having his buddies over, playing video games…he was a foreigner so I couldn’t understand what they were saying and I really didn’t care. I just found them highly annoying. And I have very thin patients, especially when I don’t get proper sleep.

Yet that guy has moved on, and another couple is living above us, and they’re nothing like him. They’re quiet, and usually gone on the weekend because they live out on a farm and only rent the apartment during the week because whatever job the guy has requires him to be in the city during the week days.

The biggest problem I have is when I go out and I see people glance in my way I feel like they’re staring at me and thinking negative thoughts, like she’s fat, she’s ugly, look at that fat chick…anytime I hear someone laugh I think it’s towards me, and not in a funny ha-ha kind of way in a more taunting mean kind of way. Then sometimes the thoughts turn to, that woman is crazy, she’s a psycho… and things of that nature.

I feel like I’m literally reading these people’s thoughts when deep in the recesses of my mind I know it’s all in my own head, and I have no clue as to what these people are thinking, or even if they’re really staring at me, and not just staring in my direction. That is why I don’t go out much, because I’m afraid of what I feel people are thinking about me, and as I’m out, I just know these people are thinking these things. But when I’m in the comfort of my own home I begin to realize that it was all in my head…and the people probably weren’t even paying attention to me.

i hate people like that, this is what you should do…surveillance, cameras, gps, tracking devices, bugs, then you have the evidence and you can blackmail him lol naaaa i’m just kidding but people like that are a real nightmare :frowning: