Britain's Mental Health Crisis (Documentary)

I watched this last night very interesting I must say

Worth a watch


Talk about crisis… I was trying to run away via train to america and when my partner calls my team they say they’ll send a letter to the pdoc. Mine don’t care.

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It was BBC2 Panarama station

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Is it a new recent one I catch it on iPlayer

it was in 2015 quite recent Ish

I will stream the youtube one to the tv… im not surprised its a crisis because with a psychical health problem you have a choice of hospital to go to but with mental health you are stuck with a pdoc that you can’t choose.

i know in certain months there was no beds avadible in wards

and the goverment cut funding for it

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Yeah they gave me a room but with no toilet had to use the public one… and they had others staying there who got their own… and theres no privacy the woman kept opening the doors

the goverment to refund it more

imo its the goverments fault

to many people are being rejected who need help

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They need to put funding it right areas . edited post: don’t want to dig too much into politics

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NHS mental health system discriminates and stigmatises those deemed mentally ill and often comdemns them to forced antipsychotics to effectively wipe them out of society. Blatant social control. A diagnosis is used to control, dehumanise and demean.

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