Let your voices be known

The torey government has taken power in the uk and they are going to cut the benefits for the disabled and sick there gathering evidence to say that the sick have nothing wrong with them …they are using demons to keep an eye on us the demons can see through the walls
Some are telepathic and put thoughts into your head make you dough yourself
and that is just the beginning of what they are going to do to the sick disabled and poor
Unlike David Cameron i care about the disabled , Sick and Poor
Am also worried that after they change the human right laws in the uk we will have no rights at all
Am unable to go on protests because of my mental health but i encourage those who are able to make your voice known

I completely agree. These people are poisonous. They will cause unspeakable damage and their influence now is going to cause loads of problems.

the tories are not using demons…or telepathy…it is rubbish…not true.
yes they are probably going to weed out those rorting the system…
but that is not you…so you have nothing to worry about.
take care :alien:

Now in this momentous time of change the powers that be are focused on their own well being and unfortunately that doesn’t include us the mentally defective.

Im sorry for what you are going through.