Its Not Lonly At The Bottom Of The Food Chain any more

why I am I meeting more people on ssdi and ssi and ssa then being a common middle class person. is it the place I live. no. its that I am finding it more a base. there hundreds of us were I live. in this retirement town. this sucks, todays the day most get paid and the stores are empty because of it, I am changing my shoping dates just to get food. close outs at store for cloths are get slim pickings. as fall is coming a good coat well cost you 50 bucks to a 100. and you may have to order it on line. as company’s small are finding harder to sale things. the poor are buying with rent to own. do to the limit on credit in store. the government may need to varchar goods in order to get over tariffs put on but other country’s over sea’s. hell I cant die. they don’t let you save that much money if you are on food stamps. Help!

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Depends where u live. Here in Fairfield county they discourage welfare people from living here because cost of living is higher and you can’t afford to live off ssdi. And I get the maximum. If I didn’t have my parents I’d move

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