Today I am 25

and a half!

It’s my half birthday folks

Happy 25 1/2 to me.

:cake: anyone


Half of a happy birthday to you than! That’s all you get “happy b…”


Do I get half a cake?

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Yeah with half a candle!

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@Turningthepage, the only poster here (or anywhere) childish enough to celebrate their 25 1/2 birthday with a thread and a cake :laughing:

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happy bday :birthday: @turningthepage
may this birthday brings all the happiness in ur life…
a lot more to live…take care…

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It’s cool. You enjoy being born, that’s a quality

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Happy Half birthday. Enjoy.

Cake is always good…

It’s almost 23 days to my re-birthday… Have no idea if I’m going to celebrate it this year…


Was it you who made a thread last year about surviving to 30? How no one thought you’d make it to 30, but you did… I reckon 30 would be a big milestone for me too. I bet no one thought I’d make it to 30 but I think I will.

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Enjoy another 4 1/2 years of feeling young


Happy unbirthday you green-skinned bass tard.


Cheers! My friend and I always used to celebrate our half birthdays when we were in school.

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Yep… I had some docs who gave me the worst prognosis for survival when I was younger…

Considering what I was like… and what I was doing to myself when I was younger… I understand why they though I’d be dead before 30.

The re-birthday is the day I woke up from my attempt of leaving this life. My family said it was touch and go for a bit.

It’s good to still be here.

Still hope you’re having a good one as well.

You are still a half man then! :relaxed:

That makes no sense and is quite insulting too

Unless you consider 51 years old as the age of manhood …but then you’d still be insulting 85% of the posters here

lolzzz, she’s just joking! chillax… Happy Half Birthday, what a great idea. I will also celebrate my half birthday next year :o) April 1st it is! :birthday:

It would’ve been funny if she said “you are now 68.7% of a man” or something

She screwed up the joking part by saying x*.5=25.5

I’m not insulted as much as it wasn’t funny :angry:

You don’t joke about a guys manhood like that :smile:

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