It's more acceptable to be a woman with mental illness than a man

Some people don’t care as much when a woman has a MI, if you’re a man it’s looked down upon.


for me personally it does not matter if it is a female or a male with sz. I would not enter a romantic long term relationship with them.
that is just me, others are different

I get too stressed and paranoid too that is why


There’s definitely more stigma for men with mental illness I think. It’s considered weak to ask for help. It’s sad. Lately I’ve noticed ad campaigns targeting men with mental health issues to come forward for help and I like it. It’s good to bring it out into the light that men struggle with anxiety and depression and mood disorders just as much as women do.


I would challenge this.

Women have always been depicted as neurotic,
Or Evil.

It may have more to do with the fact that we bleed.
We get emotional highs and lows
And you have to watch out for us.
Or so they say and joke about.

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Or “psycho” 155555


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