Its hot! Like really hot!

It’s already 90 degrees at 7:15 in the morning! Someone talk about something cool, please!

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It’s very hot here in Ottawa, Canada as well. Where are you from again?

From Arizona…

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I knew you were gonna say Arizona lol I guess I’m psychic

Isn’t that always a ‘dry heat’ down there? Very humid where I am!

It’s an oven! There’s no clouds no trees… Just sun baring down … Any heat stinks in my opinion!

Stay indoors or find a local pool!..or/ a Mall with air conditioning.

I’m Canadian. We’re famous for talking about/ complaining about the weather. Whenever strangers meet outside, that’s all we talk about.

There’s only so many times you can do the same things without being bored… It’s one of the reasons I sleep all day and stay up all night…

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Ugh! And I’m a smoker so I’m forced to go in the heat to have my craving satisfied… I’m already sweaty…

R u at least somewhere cool?

Try to get on to a regular sleep pattern. I know I get more paranoid when I don’t get my straight 8’s.

Wait till Winter. @Itsme will think the weather is great and @Patrick will be freezing his balls off.

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Technically I am… 2 days bed at 2 am awake at 5 pm than a whole 24 hours… Been this way for 3 weeks… IDK just had my depakote increased so this could be causing the over sleep in turn causing the no sleep… Just gotta get regulated…

Ha! Totally true!


I’m in the northeast but my friend lives in zona

We’ve had a heat spell but nothing like Arizona

We hit 118 last Sunday… Only a 4 away from the record of 122…

And it’s still June :fearful:

It’s hot 'cause I’m here


But in all seriousness though, Texas is hOT, but what makes it hot is the damn humidity. It’s 91F :frowning: