35 in the shade

We’ve had a pretty mild summer to be honest but feeling it today. 35 degrees C which translates to about 95 farenheit. Not dry heat either…it’s humid as hell and you walk outside and it’s oppressive. Sitting in the air con which is doable but glad I mowed the lawn yesterday. Not even a storm to cool things down!


Wanna trade places mate? I would love a 35c day.


Haha. Yeah moving to minus that wouldn’t suit me. I suppose you get used to it they say but days like this are just rubbish. High heat with humidity just makes moving a chore…i’d imagine the same when it’s minus 20.

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It’s been icy rainy here in Texas for like three days. Tomorrow is sunny. I’m glad. Summer is crazy here.


I would melt.

Dear Lord.

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we get really hot and humid weather in the summers in Oklahoma…stays around 100 f. all the time in august…no rain either…sucks ass.

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I think anything above +30c is too hot. I can’t stand the heat.

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It’s 35 degrees Fahrenheit over here.

I prefer cold weather to hot weather, because I hate sweating!

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I’ll take that heat and humidity anyday over winter. Currently 11:30am and 7°f out and windy on top of that.

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I get it @rogueone

I was pregnant in Florida during the summer.

It was brutal.

All the days were 95 and humid.

The rain wouldn’t even help because when the clouds parted, steam would just rise from the asphalt.


I feel for you.

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