Its hot! Like really hot!

It’s hot here in the SF Bay Area too, especially the further inland you are. Fortunately it cools off at night.

I feel like there is a magnifying glass over Oklahoma! the sun is sooo hot.

It’s been raining on and off for a few days!

It’s maybe 59degF here, with he highest today being 63DegF!

The other side of the world cheking in: freaking ■■■■■■■ hot!:fire: With a short period of raining after which its even worse.

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Hmm hard to comprehend in winter here, rugged up in leather jacket and my warm hoody.

Where are you @Dreamscape2?

finally got a cool 76 degrees at 82% humidity here in my parts… almost 10 pm… hot as balls all day

Australia! 1515

me too! It’s freezing today too.

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