It's enough to make you turn communist

I hope no one takes this too seriously because I am not very serious in writing this. Every time I hear about the fabulous wealth of some of the bourgeois money brokers in this world I’m tempted to want that money to go to the people who break their backs earning that money. The miners in diamond mines should get the wealth they create. Steel workers should get some of the wealth from their product. Factory workers should get more money. This is the basic idea behind communism, and it has never worked, but I would like to see the workers get their fair share of wealth.


I’ll agree about the diamond miners and the factory workers, but the steel workers? Not so sure. Most of them have been pretty well paid since the late '30s so far as I know.

A lot of the steel industry has been outsourced to countries overseas, where they don’t have to pay steel workers a decent wage. Sometimes I think there is a conspiracy to wreck the world economy so they can go back to paying starvation wages. The rich and powerful don’t like having a middle class that can say no.


Right on. (Think feudalism has found a way to make a comeback?)

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