Why Communism Is A Failure

It’s simple. When you give the government the power over everything they will become as greedy as the rich people they are trying to make the same as everybody else. When the Bolsheviks took over Russia they tried to stay humble out of the ideals they believed in. But eventually they began to have lavish dinners while many in the country starved. The government became the upper class. In China the government runs the economy like robber barons did in the United States with those in the Communist Party being the richest in the country. Unions which are supposed to be a staple of Communism or Socialism are either banned in China or greatly diminished in power as pollution, low wages, and dangerous working conditions are rife in the factories owned by foreign corporations, and Chinese government officials taking advantage of cheap labor. When higher wages were finally demanded many companies moved to Vietnam (another Communist country) which provided even cheaper labor. Communism has only worked in nations where things had gone to pot in the first place. Giving people an incentive to work makes them work better. Telling a good worker that he can only make as much as a bad worker will dampen his enthusiasm to try to work. If you paid a sports player making 100 goals a year as much as a player making 1 goal a year do you think he’d try as hard for the team? Think about it.

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I’ve had my fill with politics for the next century. Can we all just stop already?

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The Bolsheviks were Jewish weren’t they?

Not necessarily true. Some become lazier when they make more. People get a promotion to something like a manager at Wal-Mart and they won’t fulfill their duties. They see it as an opportunity to do less work and boss others around.

I’d think (or I’d hope) the reason he tries hard is because he loves the game and his team. The money is just a bonus. If he made nothing, sure that wouldn’t be good at all…

If something is done with the genuine love for what it is you’re doing, you tend to do it well.

Sorry ninjastar I’ll quit but I do really watch bad ■■■■ online. This dog and pony show pisses me off and I need some answers and all the politicians seem dirty as hell. I’m going to say that people have human rights and they deserve to be rewarded for efforts and gains in their everyday life. Sadly, the richest people in the world don’t agree with my opinion on human rights. They’re bankers and they rob countries of their money.

We all saw Russia crumble through communism and Barack Obama himself said that he associated with Marxists in college. He believes the normal people deserve nothing and that the elite can own everything and make everyone else starve and die. He’s really a gangster type of guy.

When I served I never paid attention to my government I was too busy serving. But now with this time and with what’s happened…I kind of over do it and spin my wheels alot…like you said.


How can you love what you do when you aren’t loved in the first place? COmmunism sucks.

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All I’m going to say is my country went to hell in the past and I wasn’t involved or fully informed about things I was too young to really care. I feel it was a mistake.

Great idea :cat2: