It's crazy i haven't been sick for 2 years

social distancing works. i haven’t gotten a cold or anything for 2 years. not since i started living by myself. im pretty much a hermit and don’t interact with people very much, so i guess that is why i haven’t been sick. this is the longest time period without getting a cold in my life that i can remember.


I’m glad you haven’t gotten sick. I got a flu shot September 1st and September 15th I had a mild cold. My low-grade fever was gone the evening of September 16th. Since Covid19, I have been staying at home too, and could describe myself as a hermit. Don’t know if the cold I had was a reaction to the flu shot. My psychiatric care provider wanted me to have a Covid19 test, but the lab lost my sample. Don’t know if I was positive or negative for Covid19. I wasn’t very sick, though.

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glad it wasn’t serious. yeah i wonder if i’ll get sick when i get a flu shot this month. hopefully not, it would ruin my streak. but im due to get sick anytime.

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I haven’t been seriously sick for years as well. I’m not a huge hermit though I do have my moments. It’s possible that I haven’t been getting sick is because I darn near had everything as a child. My theory anyways.

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