Haven't been sick in 3 years

my longest streak i can remember, without getting a cold or bug or something. i think the reason i haven’t been sick is because i am now a hermit, and don’t get exposed to other people’s germs as much anymore.


back in early november mom and dad got covid, i had one day with slight headaches, but they werent that bad. it could have been nicotine withdrawal, but i quarantined for 2 weeks anyhow to be safe. that is the only thing in 3 years, one day with slight headache.

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How about sz symptoms? Are they manageable?

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manageable but i still have some night time voices before bed, and struggle with negatives at times. i went 3 months without cooking a meal or cleaning my house earlier this year. for the most part my paranoia has gone away, i may have some delusions still. also my thoughts are not as disorganized as before.

I struggled at the beginning of the year after a long period of being stable. Had to resign my job. My negatives came back but not in full force like they once used to. Feeling disappointed but hopeful.
Also got vaccinated against covid this week. A weight has been lifted off my chest.

Stay strong. We’ll make it somehow.

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