It's all fun and games in the house of horrors

Lol, my living situation isn’t actually that bad. It could be better though. But not only am I surviving, I am thriving. I’m learning the game. No, that sounds stupid. But it’s true. The goal is to learn about life. But I’m still being careful. I learned a couple things. My lesson I see over and over again is that people will sacrifice their dignity and pride just to learn something new about how to get over on someone.

Anyway, man, the weather was great today. Everything you hear about California’s weather is true. It was a nice balmy, sunshiny day to today, all day. I didn’t get everything accomplished that I wanted to but I managed to do a load of laundry, I vacuumed out my car and took the trash out of it, I made a couple of phone calls, I was friendly to some of the guys and girls here. And I did the most important thing which was petting the cat. I also walked to the store and went to the drive-thru restaraunt for a coke.

Tomorrow my step-dad is picking me up at noon so we can go visit my moms grave and pay our respects. I need to find something to do at night. I can’t just stay home every night. Anyway, dinner was good, but we never get dessert. Darn. I hope one of you guys had a high point in your day. I know a lot of you are going through horrible problems but I hope you got at least a little enjoyment out of the day or even a little relief from your problems. I know it’s tough. I’ve been there and I still am in a lot of ways. Cheers folks. I miss @darksith. I wonder what he’s up to? The guy helped me more than he could ever imagine. A nice guy with a good heart which in this world is too rare. It makes me mad that he was driven off of here. All the guy wanted to do was to help people and be liked and spread some cheer.


I miss @darksith too


Happy Easter, Minnii.

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Happy Easter, Nick!


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I think he was thinking of leaving anyway, but he left when the forum was hitting a bit of turbulence. I hope he’s doing ok too.

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I miss @darksith too. A very kind and inspiring soul. I didn’t know he was driven off…what a mistake! I hope he comes back.

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Oh, I heard someone say that he left because someone hurt his feelings.

That could have been the last straw. A member who has since left made a personal attack on him.

I second that—I miss @darksith too. :alien:


There ought to be rules about driving someone off. This is supposed to be a place for everybody.