We are amazing

we have down days
we have mad days
we have days when we are so depressed we can not move
when our low self esteem paralyses us.

but i am proud of you on here
those that post
those that just read
i am proud to know you all.

we are still here.
( i am choking up…but that’s how i feel )
take care


Thank you darksith for these kind, encouraging words. I am having a quiet day today, just letting the pain mitigate itself.

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Thanks for the sentiment darksith. I’m glad to know everybody here too.I believe that everybody here wants to help each other. I hope that when I help someone on these forums that it translates into their real life and helps them in their real lives.


Thanks, Darksith, that’s kind of you! I’m glad to be here too :sunny:

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Thank you for that… I’ll give you a blokey punch on the arm… You’re amazing too… You’re still with us, and you sound like your doing a lot better.

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That was really touching Sith :slight_smile:

You are a valuable member of this community and I’m always thankful for your positivity and humor.

Many Blessings,


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Those are touching words @darksith - You are truly a good guy, always caring about others

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hugs to yopu darksithXXX

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thank u sith. ur words of encouragement and support mean so much. i love ur humour and ur caring attitude. keep up the good work. hugs xxx