It's all coming at once....aaargggghhh!

what a ■■■■ day it’s been. max and i had a fight at 1am this morning because he would rather talk to his friends all night than do as the dr prescribed, take his medication and go to bed. chubba choop choop has an impacted anal gland AGAIN. he only had it flushed by the vet last week and it’s refilled and impacted already so vets on monday. sox (max’s cat) has a bald patch on her shoulders which has turned into an ulcerated sore so vets for her on monday too and cocoa my other dog has grown a lump in her side so it’s the vets for her on monday too…talk about expensive week next week! talk about stress! cocoa will have to have a fine needle apirate biopsy to find out if the lump is cancerous or not. choop choop will need his anal sac expressed again which is extremely painful if it’s impacted…if this carries on, he’ll have to have an op to get both sacs removed. luckily i have insurance but i’ll still have to pay the first 200 quid out of my savings. sox will have to have some sort of test to see why this keeps happening. i’m thinking allergy testing and anti biotics as i think it will become infected by monday…more money. they may even advise putting her to sleep as this keeps happening so she must be allergic to something quite common.

i’m going shopping in a mo at 6am after having been up all night after my fight with max, to get him some energy drinks for next week so to help him wake up in the morning as he hates coffee. bran for choop choop to mix with his food to firm up his stools to help his anal glands express more fluidly. his could be allergies too so i also have to order hypo allergenic food at 57 quid a bag. and i also need piriteze for me as my ig-E count is through the roof and my nose is running like a bitch. christ! what a day and night it’s been. on the plus side, it would seem the more stressful my day, the less my voices talk so maybe i should just join the ■■■■■■■ foreign legion and be posted to afghanistan lol…

thanks for listening :slight_smile:


aww Jayne I am so sorry about all your troubles! that is awful that so many of your pets need that kind of attention. expensive indeed ! I can’t imagine. I love you and I hope you are o k now. peace.

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hope things get better…
i was going to join either the foreign legion/royal marines…when i was younger…sz and guns great combination.
take care :alien:

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I don’t know how you keep track of everything, Jayne. I can be overwhelmed by a sneeze.

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update: sox’s skin is scabbing up nicely, so i’m hoping, no need for vets on monday. choop choop hasn’t scooted today yet and has eaten some bran for me so i’m hoping by the morning it may galvanize his anal sacs into action and leave me a nice firm stool in the garden. max is still being a lil ■■■■. we made a deal last night that he would go to bed at midnight. i went to sleep at 11.30pm supposedly safe in the knowledge that he would turn off his laptop at 12am. i wake at 4am to find him still on it because he can’t sleep…ffs! if i unplugged the internet, he just plugs it back in. looks like i’m gonna have to take the fuse out of the plug…but then he’ll just use next door’s…so anyway. i’ve told him, he now has to stay up until till tonight, otherwise he won’t sleep tonight and won’t get up for school, so it looks like i’m gonna have to cancel my lunch date today with my parents to stay home so i can make sure he doesn’t fall asleep during the day…if i can do it, so can he coz i’ve only had seven hours sleep in the past 3 days. gonna try and go back to sleep in a couple of hours, after i’ve called my mum and cancelled lunch. i’ll have to cook a roast myself i guess but much later today. it won’t be lunch so much as dinner at about 7pm. oh the joys of having teens…especially teens with health issues.