How are you doing?

I’m still struggling with this stupid headache. But everything else is going good. My daughter is doing an amazing job with her new baby. My son is recovering well from his surgery. My husband just had a nice, long, hot bath. All is right in our little world. Tell me what’s going on in yours.


Our biggest burden right now is that RooRoo is deathly ill…we are currently doing all we can medically for her to get better…it’s the waiting that is so hard…Angie is very upset and keeps getting mad at me at the littlest thing. I feel like I have to be very careful around her right now so it’s kind of a stressed out situation but I hope it will get better soon. I’m happy for you you sound so happy.


I am alright, minus the tooth problem earlier. I did have a bad nightmare last night, but I’ve been full of energy today. My only sad point for the day, truly, is that we have no dish detergent, so I can’t wash dishes today to get them out of the sink. Otherwise, I’ve had a nice, quiet day like I typically like to enjoy.


oh no! is roo roo a doggie? I’m sorry your pet is unwell. I’m sorry you’re struggling with Angie. I know things are going to get better. Just hang in there. I’ll be thinking of you. (((hugs)))

That’s really cool. Except for the dish soap part. I freaked out a little the other day when I had forgot to get some at the store until I realized I had hoarded an extra bottle at some point. Yeah! I try to get extra when they go on sale if I can afford it. What happened to your tooth?

We’re a little low on funds until Friday, so bf said he would bring some from his house for me, which is nice of him. :slight_smile: As far as my tooth goes, a couple of pieces just came off of two different teeth, so I suspect it’s time I try to find some sliding scale dental services soon.

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I’m ok, since getting off the haldol I feel better not as stressed. I’m still expected though to keep the apartment perfect and its really hard to do with the angry voice of Devon. My father in law yells at me a lot too, and my mother in law makes me feel bad. My partner works for the next 8 days no days off all second shift which she hates.

On a good note my frog is getting huge, he was so tiny when I first got him. I’m starting to think he might be a she. There’s no nuptial pad on the front leg yet but jasper is still young.

Oh I’m glad getting off the Haldol is working for you. You’re a sweetheart and deserve to feel better. I wish you didn’t have Devon yelling at you, or your in-laws for that matter. I’m sorry you won’t have as much time with your partner for the next 8 days.

I’m super excited about the frog, when you’re in the mood will you post some updated photos. I love that little, or not so little one.

I’m doing pretty well,

All things considered.

Things have been absolutely off the rails recently,

But I think I’m going to make it.

My boobs still hurt, but they’re getting better every day and starting to look really nice.


This is the most recent pic of jasper. He eats about 3-4 night crawlers a week.

My partner talked to her parents about laying off me a bit. They said they would.

I did talk to my parents today. My dad might finally get social security but my brother is going to lose his.


I’m okay, more stablility in my life free of most psychosis.
My anxiety is getting better thanks to a med increase.
Working on my art and getting plenty of exercise.
I’m just struggling a bit with school.


I’m doing amazing! Seriously seriously. It’s like I’m symptom free and like I’m cured. But I will still continue on taking my meds forever! Just found the right meds and doses!


I feel exhausted and sick. I think I’m getting a fever :face_with_thermometer:

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@ZombiePupper. Come to my house I have like 4 bottles of dish detergent. Sometimes my dad does my grocery shopping and for some reason thinks I’m out of it

I’m glad to hear you have more stability and that meds are helping with anxiety. It’s great that you have your art for an outlet. I would love to see some if you would like to share it. Exercise is honestly one thing we can all do to help ourselves, but I just can seem to get into the swing, so good for you for doing it. I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with school. Just try your best and that’s all anyone can expect of you. Take care of you.

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Kilian that’s great! It wasn’t too long ago that you were in crisis if my memory is correct. I’m so excited that your meds are working and you have the wisdom to keep taking them. Sometimes when I start doing really well I tell myself I don’t need meds anymore. Finally at my age I’ve learned to stop with that nonsense and stay on the meds because they are why I’m feeling normal. Sounds like you’ve learned young. Good for you. I wish you nothing but the best my friend. Take good care of you.

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Thank you :smiley: I plan on posting some of my work when I finish it :slight_smile:

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I’m so sorry you’re getting sick. This sickness that’s been going around is awful. It knocked us on our butts real bad. I even had to take my husband to the ER. He wound up needing antibiotics and steroids to get rid of bronchitis. I’m still trying to get back to feeling normal, mostly struggling with a cough and a headache. I’m a fan of spiking a fever. I get under as many blankets as I can and just burn that sucker till is breaks. That’s how I kill off the germs. But I guess that can be kind of dangerous to let your fever go that high. Most people recommend Tylenol or advil to bring the fever down and to make yourself more comfortable. Whatever you do, try your best to drink plenty of water and get rest if you can. I hope you feel better really soon. Take care of you.

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