Its a week lock down here starting from today.. HOw many days in ur country..?

i hop it ends soons… Stay safe guys…////


You, too, hon! @far_cry0

The San Francisco Bay area is on lockdown “until further notice.” So there’s not even a date yet.


We are in lockdown here in north west uk
We only aloud out for getting medication and groceries we are also aloud out for walk or run

We’re on lockdown until further notice, too.

You too, @far_cry0!

No official lockdown for my state yet, but it’s defo on the horizion…

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We’ve been on lock down for two days

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Our lockdown starts tomorrow at midnight for 3 weeks

No lockdown, but restrictions. E.g. no gatherings with more than 3 persons and always 1.5m distance. Even kids in play. Except nuclear families of course. I just visit my father and son still. Not even the supermarket.

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