It's 4am here and I can't sleep. What's up?

I’m listening to a cd and playing Free Cell.

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I can’t sleep either.

How is your anxiety, chordy? Feeling better?

Can’t sleep, either. Just reading a book in bed.

I can’t sleep either. Watching/Reading the news and browsing the forum.

Yes, it is better. I’ve been drinking Bay Leaf tea in the morning. I think I’ll switch to bedtime. Strange to be excitable alone at night. (I thought we had gotten rid of the narcissist.)

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Maybe the tea steam will help your nostrils breathe a bit better? I know you were concerned about your oxygen intake a while ago.

What do you type on, chordy? A desktop? A laptop? I know you are at the assisted living center and i was just curious how you post at 4 in the morning without disturbing other residents.

I have a desktop in my bedroom. Yes, the tea did elevate my oxygen level.

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@Bowens , @ninjastar, and @anon39054230 Is it a full moon or something?


In my case, this happens to me often so probably not related to moon phase :stuck_out_tongue:. My sleep schedule goes all over the place.

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I think it is a crescent tonight. But thats the nice thing about this place. If you can’t sleep, someone will be up with you.


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