It'd be cool

if i could milk a wild cow. this is better than my wild horse idea, because cows won’t tackle or bite me if I approach really really slow-like and be gentle.

You have some wild ideas lol

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will you drink it afterwards?

if i want milk done right, i got to do it myself. methinketh. i mean, the milk here is okay. but it would be cool to milk a cow. just a bit. just to see how it is. especially a wild cow, because i’d have to gain its trust first. more challenge

A wild cow?? Wild cows don’t exist :joy: They are fully domesticated. Unless you mean like a buffalo or ox, or just sneaking into someone’s farm.

And why on earth would you want to milk a horse?!

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If a “wild” cow has it in for you, the cow will win!!!


Cows are actually more deadly to people than sharks.

Sharks don’t give milk though.

Cows could chase you though :expressionless:

Cows bite too, better look out for that tail, and above all, better have some warm hands before even thinking about squeezing them, um, teats.
If you milk cows regularly the old fashioned way, with your hands, you will get a death grip that’d make folks proud.

Is there such a thing as a wild cow? The methane emissions of cows play a big part in air pollution…


wild cows exist. their manure enriches the earth