It wouldn't take much to make me a normie

Just some depth of feeling.

I can take the cognitive impairment and work around it.

I don’t hallucinate or hear voices.


Youve done great staying with you aps. You have a great recovery story.


That would make me feel normal.

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I dont hallucinate anymore either. Meds have taken away all my positive symptoms. The negatives kill me though.

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Same here. No positive symptoms, just terrible negative ones.

The worst is lack of interest in anything. I just sit around all day bored out of my mind but have no interest in doing anything

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Yes, I feel that. I’m an artist but all of my creativity is gone and I get no pleasure from thinking about or making art anymore.

Yeah. I like to draw and paint but have no creatove processing anymore. My sister in law wants to pay me for a drawing and i just cant bring myself to do it

i would lose the voices and stop paranoia
being able to get a sleep schedule

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