Im refusing the hospital

We literally cant afford the time off. We just had an eviction notice and had to borrow money to get out of that.
I cant afford to miss time off of school. It could ruin my future.
I am not suicidal
I have a very high insight. I am like painfully aware that the things i say dont make sense, but theyre still very compelling.

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The hospital is only a very temporary solution anyways - eventually you have to face up to things.

Sounds like the eviction notice may have caused some stress.

Financial instability is terrible. I feel your pain

I hope you can recover from this bad luck as soon as you can

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Yeah that caused me to have a meltdown i havent been the same since. Plus other major stressors like my mom gaslighting me and trying to get me apologizing for having a transgender related surgery

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You have a lot on your plate.

Even people with half what you have going on would crumble.

Give yourself credit for the inner strength you have as it sounds tough.

PS: You have nothing to apologise for - it’s your life to live how you want to

Thank you i appreciate it

I dont feel like im handlibg it well tho i havent eaten anything all day and spent all day looking over my shoulders and hallucinating

Can she commit me? Shw threatened to call the cops on me despite me not being suicidal. My paranoia is through the roof over that one

She being my fiance

I know how you feel. My Depression is quite bad at the moment and I’ve thought about maybe hospitalising myself, but I have to stay out because of work. I’m the bread winner in my relationship while my partner studied at uni.

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