Do you have insight in mania?

I have some insight with voices/delusions. However, I lose complete insight in mania.

How do you know if you are manic?

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I can’t sleep or calm down. I’m constantly agitated. I start thinking I don’t need my meds anymore and often cut the dose on my own.

My thinking and speaking become faster than my brain can keep up with and I get really confused and distressed because I can’t stop it.

People tell me when I am manic. I lose insight too. In the moment, I just feel really stressed and I fly off the handle at the smallest thing. But I never see it as manic until I come down again. That’s when the insight comes and I am very embarrassed at my words and actions.

For me, I crash straight into being very depressed. I go right past an even mood and into the other extreme.

I hate sza.


You have many classical symptoms of mania.

People cannot tell when I am manic. It is probably because I have social anxiety I suppose.

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I normally don’t know I’m manic until someone like a psychiatrist points it out to me. About the only time I’m actually aware of my mania is if the mania is just beating me over the head with its presence. If I stop sleeping, just awake and racing for days at a time, then yeah at that point I know I’m manic.


I have insight into my mania but not when I’m psychotic


If its full mania and not hypomania I dont have insight. Even hypomania Im aware of the hypomania but I have some delusional ideas that I lack insight on until the mania wears off.


Sometimes I have insight, sometimes not. When I’m not sleeping for days, then I know I’m manic. When I can’t sleep for a single 24 hours, I know I’m hypomanic. It’s especially true if I’m super productive during these periods.


I feel like I go through manic episodes five times a day. Maybe I’m just hyper but I loose self awareness when it’s really bad.

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I go from feeling compelled into a ritualistic “gotta sleep as many hours as I can” to “the night is still young, I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. It’s pretty noticeable.

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Manias usually come with some sort of grandiose ideas.

If you have ‘manic’ energy you can always put it to good use and get stuff done. Thats how I used to function id get a ton of stuff done when I had hypomania and then id sleep for ages when I was depressed.

Ive only been learning to function without mania as a motivator for the last 6 months. Its been a big of a daunting task to figure out.

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