It was 10 years ago, 2 days ago

I first saw a psychiatrist about my psychosis on 10 April 2010. 10 Years since my psychosis. The psychiatrist had told me it will definately happen again but we don’t know when… I am fed up with worrying about it


@Ish, That was wrong of your pdoc to tell you that. They don’t have crystal balls. As long as you stay on your meds, you are just as likely to never experience psychosis again. No one really knows with these things.

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I know/ i feel i will have another episode. It is what it is.

You can actually have psychosis once in your life and never again if it’s not sz. Your pdoc is wrong. Do you have a family history of sz? Is that why your dr assumed it would happen again?

You can have a single episode even if it is sz. Have you had any symptoms any other time?

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Meds have kept me away from psychosis for over 20 years now. Sure I have my moments with paranoia and things but no psychosis. I think if your on ap’s the chances of psychosis are improved for most folk. Either way it’s good you have made this milestone and doing well with things. Well done.

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I wonder whether I will have another episode. Hopefully not. It’s a very worrying state of affairs to not be in charge of your own sanity! I blame industrialised farming, I was eating very poorly in the period leading up to my first hospitalisation. There must be something missing in the food, because people have begun making a point that the UK and US have more of these problems. Not that mental health issues are a “problem”.

A good litmus test for schizophrenia is to ask yourself ‘is this normal?’ before doing something, if you think it isn’t, then it’s best to abstain.

Good call. Because worrying about it ain’t going to help at all or change anything.

It was 20 years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play.

Problems Are Real. Especially if Something Bothers, or Affects Your Safety.

“reality” isn’t Real. Strange That Someone Long Ago Had to Add “ity” to Real.

If You Can Sense it, it’s Real. At Least to You Within Your Personal Perceptional Awareness.

Maybe “ity” is a Quip of ‘I . Thank . You’.

Thanx For Erasing My Doubt as to What is Questioning My Senses.

Therefore Making it My New “reality”.

Hopefully You’re Not Lying.

Cause That Would Be a Problem… . … :100:

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