What pisses me off

I know of people who tell me that I can control psychosis if I only just become more spiritual. It’s so annoying. It’s supposedly them caring for me but gosh that puts so much pressure on me and it’s not like they are in my shoes and how can they know for sure.
Anyways. I dont know.


How will it help n how do u know?

I am fairly religious, and find that it changes the nature of the voices to be more moral and kind, but it doesn’t stop them. They’re still pretty mean sometimes, also.

I’m on a low-fat veg-only diet, and I could swear that it’s making the voices much quieter though. Only been a few days so far.

My psychosis had been so funny sometimes. Did that happen to you aswell.
Thats nice at least they are kind too to you. That must be comforting. I want to believe in G too I used to before all of this but at the moment i find it very difficult.

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My psychosis flares up when I eat fatty / processed foods, or foods high in protein that jack up my tryptophan levels.

Thanks for the kind words. My faith in God is very challenged since I have chronic headaches that don’t allow me to “bliss out” while meditating, so I’m in a state of constant frustration / anger. Faith is enough though, gives me hope.

That’s a crock. And it would annoy me if people said that to me too.


I suppose if spirituality is about becoming more emotionally intelligent then that could make me less stressed. and more relaxed, to an extent at least.
I jsut feel like this world is so unfair.

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Think of all of those people born into places where they can’t even travel to somewhere safe like Syria. etc. it’s just so sad and unfair. or conjoined twins.

Your’e welcome.
I’m glad you are able to have faith I think that may be good for you.
I don’t know why but i find it hard to talk about faith it’s so weird.
I personally find it a very fragile topic to me :grimacing:

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Being more spiritual will not lessen psychosis. I am quite spiritual but the voices don’t shut up. Sometimes they attack me when I’m doing something “spiritual”.


And if that is the case, what they say are they implying that they are more spiritual than me since they dont have psychosis?
I dunoo.
I guess I will find out and ask them if I remember lol

We all have different paths but what gets you through is important.

I don’t really see any difference for most from die hard athiests to religious zealots.

It’s all a journey and we all tread different paths.

What matters is outcomes. Take the pills. If your struggling I don’t think either way makes it any different. You suffer.

It pisses me off when people say I should be more religious! I’m an atheist but totally spiritual being! It offends me sometimes when people say I don’t care about such matters because I do!

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Jesus has already been found

I don’t need to find him

I’ve done enough with religion my whole life

I’m through with it.

Medication helps with psychosis. Spirituality is supposed to help dealing with the aftermath.

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Wat do u think is the difference between religion n spirituality @rogueone?

It makes me angry, too, that this was said to you. It’s wrong.

I don’t know what spiritual focus/religion people were talking about, but I am a devoted and fulfilled Christian and I experience psychosis. I am deeply involved with my church family, and have written Biblical curriculum, taught Sunday School, and led missions trips overseas, and I experience psychosis. I worship, pray, meditate, and read my Bible, and I experience psychosis.

I appreciate this article.

Spirituality is vital and influences all areas of our lives. But it doesn’t stop life from happening. It’s give it meaning and helps us endure.

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Im always sensitive to that, it makes me worried if people say that. I doubt myself. I do notice that, if i do things that go against my religious/spiritual values, psychosis flares up. It doesnt seem to work the other way for me though. Or not in a simple way. I cant pray psychosis away - i tried a billion times. I even went to an exorcism in more unstable times. They adviced me to quit meds cold turkey.

Some of the most devoted spiritual people i know, who are superkind and moral and have huge trust in God, suffer from bipolar or schizophrenia and need meds.

Spirituality for me is about being in control of your well being mentally and physically regardless of how you manage it, whether that be praying to a god, meditating, taking medication etc… Its all about well being regardless of how you get there

So by taking westernized medications for eg… and becoming stable you are spiritually fulfilling your well being.

My 2cents

Thank you for the article :).
I’ll read it when I’m not so tired since it’s quite a lot.

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I find faith helped me in the past. Reading the bible sometimes made me more delusional, unfortunately. I dont know what to do…

I have these memories that seem real.

I do want to read the bible, but I’m not sure 100%.

I have an excellent bible that puts things in chronological order.

I had religious delusions at the mental hospital in 2015.

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