It is Easter, how do you celebrate it

I do not really celebrate it, but I may exercise more than usually, I did get some Easter food …

This year, I’m celebrating by not showing up for my in-laws Easter meal. I’m boycotting some of the people that will be there, and I’ve gone to all of their functions, so I think I’ve earned the right to sit this one out. I lived with my brother-in-law for over a year…I need a break.


I celebrate it by ignoring it !


Had some nitroglycerin and chased it with morphine. Good times!

Large bon fire small sacrifice and food. Im not celebrating easter tho.

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Eating a ■■■■ load of Easter candy.

Do you have traditional Easter foods?

I am having my niece over for lunch on Saturday. I don’t celebrate Easter but we get a lot of time off work around Easter, Friday to Monday, so I have a lot of cleaning to do today and I think Sunday we will go for a drive in the country. Monday might just be a relaxing day at home.

I have to deal with my family…all day sunday…Monday me and my GF are taking the dogs to an indoor dog park and pool.

Anything that is chocolate bunnys, eggs

Is that licorice?

I had visitors and they brought me some chocolate, some tasted like Tequila, Mojito and Irish Coffee, these did not contain any alcohol.

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My mom and I are going to a Basketball game…is that bad of us XD. We are the only two home so we call the shots!

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I got invited to my Aunts for dinner but I don’t know how I’m gonna get there. My Dad is gonna be gone somewhere else and my car is still broken. So unless my other family is going to pick me up, I’m just gonna STARVE UNTIL I WITHER AWAY OH WHAT A WORLD!

@brucewillis must be in ecxtasy this time of year.

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What the heck is that? :astonished:

Did you mean eggstasy? :smile:


What do you mean? What is what …?

If im gonna lay an egg it will happen this weekend. Eggciting :smile:

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