How was your day today?

And how was your Easter, if that’s something you celebrate?

My day was good. I was scheduled to work half a day, but it was so slow that after a couple hours the pharmacist told me I could leave if I wanted, which I did. I went over my friend’s house, had a good time chatting and watching some sort-of old South Parks. I then went to my sister’s house, where I reheated some Easter dinner, some very good ham and cheesy potatoes, followed by carrot cake.

All in all, it was a good day for me. :slight_smile:


Mine was good. Just ate leftover lasagna today and watched videos and listened to music on youtube. I didn’t hang out with family, but that’s ok.


I love lasagna! I haven’t had it in years, since I live alone and a lot of it would probably go to waste if I made it.


Haha yeah it’s delicious! The lasagna I’ve been eating is actually from a food pantry, it’s already been cooked but oh is it good.

I live alone also, well I have a cat.

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“How was your day today?”

my day was okay with a lot more free-time than usual.

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I went for a long walk. My family doctor prescribes walking!

I wasn’t depressed. I got an invitation to be depressed, however. We planned to go to a family dinner, but C. felt depressed and so decided not to go. I didn’t know what to do with myself. This is my genius, then, to find healthy things for myself without a lot of fuss.



I live with my mom, and I’ll just say we had an Easter Snap. :smirk:

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Why was this post hidden?

this whole easter season is like a major trigger for me especially on social media and Pictures of Jesus and holy spirit - just need to cut religion out of my life completely. I am into Buddhism right now.

Back from 6 days in the Dominican. I am leaving to Costa Rica in 20 days so tomorrow will start a major training just to cut off the body fat % lil bit.

My vitiligo is spreading everywhere on my body slowly - I am pale so it shows only after tan. =(

What did you have as food for Easter? I had some frozen fruit and oatmeal today and some coffee.


Apparently, multiple people flagged it, I’m guessing because of my little joke. I just deleted that sentence, so maybe it will be considered okay now. I didn’t think I would offend anyone. :confused:

I had a pretty darn good day. Did laundry. Went to visit my mom and sister. Ate some good food, mashed potatoes and ham. I didn’t eat much but it was delicious. Later my dad took me for a drive to a casino. Didn’t gamble, just enjoyed the ride and the view. Came back to the apartment, checked the forums throughout the day. Cleaned just now, it was quick because it’s a one bedroom. Went outside so the dog could poop. It’s been good overall except for a few symptoms I don’t experience daily.

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Not such a great day. Spent it with my wife’s parents. Really wish that obligation wasn’t part of the marriage.


I had a nice day. Went to church with my mom and we went out to lunch at Roadhouse grill. I had prime rib. The dogs were happy with the leftovers. My mom and i went to walmart and i was so happy that I found another rose bush to plant in my garden. I also found some herilome tomatoes to plant. I do a garden every year. This year I am planting roses, flox, daylilies and tomatoes.


I went for a long drive which I do frequently. Later, my brother came over and my dad made a big ham dinner. We all ate and chatted. Then I retired to my bedroom to watch Iron Chef and surf the net.

I’d give it a B- or so. I don’t live a life of passion to be honest so I would be lying if I gave it an A. I have had better (for sure) but is was aaaaiiiggghht

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I did not do anything for Easter. But I don’t usually. I cleaned a bit and grocery shopped. I was able to open all the windows.

I had a pretty horrid yet productive Easter Sunday.

My bf and I unpacked the rest of my clothes from suitcases.
We put in closet and removed things.

Then his friends daughter and friend came over and I was mute and felt attacked by them and that I’d been gassed or something.
Then his friend came over.
Glad they didn’t stay for dinner.

Then his parents came over for dinner and that was aweful.

I’m such a nice peaceful person.
Yet I get attacked n hated by so many despite that I’ve done nothing wrong.

Perhaps they think my existence is wrong.

I think they are jealous of me.

They seem to want power over me n that I be their bitch n I don’t agree .
They also seem to be some kind of nazi extremists although it’s nothing they have said out loud.

I feel attacked by his friends and parents and it’s as if they want me to salute them but I’m not in any f####<# army and I don’t agree with them nor do I want to do as they say.

At rock n roll I was attacked too n had to quit cause it was me alone being attacked by all of them n sometimes I was so afraid to go dancing I would shake n feel so fragile but did not enjoy it cause that’s not dancing to me that I wanna do with them.

I was bullied n hated as child.
N as adult.
I was adored as toddler for while.

I always turn the other cheek and they don’t respect me.
They disrespect me n think it’s acceptable to treat me that way and I’ve got to the point where I want to do something to put them in place and say there behaviour to ward me is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
I know it’s his friends n family but I need to start practicing self defence.

How do I do self defence ,a one man army of me myself n I .

Would I do back to them what they did to me…

Could I hit them spiritually or restrain them while they are around me.

I must endure my time with them cause I adore n love my bf who I think I want to marry even in future n would propose too when my body is more pleasing to him.
My nature n spirit might be already .

I’m alone in the area n state as in I have no one here except my bf but his dogs are gorgeous n I love :heart:️ them.

I am not a Christian.
I tried to be. It I don’t believe in it n never did no matter how hard I tried.
I’m not a member of any religion but do beleive in God or something,my own religion or belief maybe.

So I did not enjoy Easter Sunday.
I endured dinner and endured the moments his friends were here.
It was aweful!!!

We are going away four days with his parents n I don’t know how I will cope or endure it either.

It triggers me.
Can make me feel psychotic and etc.

I managed keep it together but it ain’t nice.

I want to kick their arse in some way spiritually n clarify their behaviour to me is not acceptable.

It’s disgusting the way they treat me n I’ve always been treated with disrespect and hate and I want to stand up for myself but how…?

I can be brave I think but I can also be a pussy and I’m alone and I miss my horse etc

She was all I had .



Wishing you guys well!:hatching_chick::two_hearts: