Easter Sunday

just wanted to ask how your Easter Sunday is going

it is 11.30am here and the sun is shining and the sky is blue :sunny:

i have just got back from a breakfast at my parish and it was good but i couldnt stay for the main service because of all the people (bit overwhelming) so i’m going back tonight for the late service :slight_smile:

what are you doing if anything?

p.s, thinking about getting my mum some more flowers :bouquet: lol

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Going well, the sun is shining and I do not have any shirt on, I am not really in the Christian religion, they predict cooler weather, but people enjoy now as they can. I am listening one Finnish radio station, because they play good Latin music.

according to this newspaper in Finland they have a halloween type celebration just before Easter, is this true?

here’s the article-

well, what newspaper writes it must be true, I have not celebrated Easter since the 1970s.

We used to do Easter in a pretty big way when our Grandma was still alive. But once she passed away, Dad really lost his zest for Easter.

i bought my mum some flowers and went over but she wasnt there so i put them in a vase for her and came home with sweep then i managed to go to the shop myself for some food :slight_smile: i actually enjoyed it because the weather was good :slight_smile: i have been wearing my new long denim shorts with my new mickey mouse tee and a cross haha i look pretty ‘out there’ with my glasses on but i like it (its what i’ll be wearing to America) i’ll look like a real tourist haha,

anyway its amazing what the weather can do, i think morale in this country is getting better but just a bit because the weather is usually really bad and there is nothing to really cheer us up, a lot of people get depressed even the telly can be depressing (i’ve been listening to radio etc recently) anyway i wish we had more sunshine here,

also i have been watching my sisters kitty for her as she is on a break with kids and thats been cheering me up, its just a shame we cant let the poor thing out because its not had its jags and our place is unfamiliar to it, every time i open the door the cat tries to escape but luckily we live in a close, still scared someone will open the close door when kitty is out there, imagine my sis and the kids if i lost their cat, luckily that hasnt happened though.

@SurprisedJ i am treating easter like a second Christmas now lol except with a different meaning if you know what i mean lol, sorry about your Grandma btw my gran was a Christian as well and celebrated Eater as well x

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I can hear the birds outside the window. Maybe by this afternoon my nastursiums will have come up.I’m going to make my daily cup of coffee. A friend/acquaintance is coming over after she gets out of church. That’s about as close to religion as I get.

It’s good that Easter means something to you Daydreamer than just another day.

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any excuse for a celebration lol (even if somebody did died)

I am going over my sisters for lunch at 12:00 pm. She wants me to bring potato salad so I shopped across the street for ingredients and in an hour I’m going to make homemade potato salad.

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We are going to my mom’s for lunch, she usually has an “Easter Lunch” with Ham and a macaroni salad she makes-delicious!
We had just this week pulled up all her ice plant ground cover all along the side of her house and replaced it with 2yards (a big pile) of small gravel so she won’t have to water it this year.
This will be our first Easter without my Dad who passed away last year, it takes some getting used to😥

Yeah, well----------

sorry about your dad @Csummersx

my dad isnt doing to good either :frowning: and neither is sweeps :frowning:



Went over to my mum’s to c my brother’s family for a gorgeous roast lamb lunch. There was banoffee pie and apple crumble too but I didn’t have any of that…watching the waistline! It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Even though we r not religious we still celebrate Easter and Xmas with chocolate eggs for the kids and presents. It’s nice I think. I always enjoy seeing my family :slight_smile:

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Thanks Daydreamer :pensive:, sorry to hear your dad (and sweep’s) aren’t doing to well.:cry:

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Too bad the meaning of Easter has been lost. A lot of holidays in this country are like that.
I found myself picking up Easter eggs with a group of 50 and 60 year olds. I’m 72. This was not at an old forks home either but with a family group, people who had momentarily lost their reason.