It feels like everyone is discuss me

It feels like everyone is talking about me discretely, discussing my secrets and bad habits and judging me. Is this just a delusion? How do I overcome it when it looks and feels so real?

And if they really are, then why is everyone lying to me about it?

It’s positive symptoms. Sounds like paranoia with ideas/frames of reference. Ideas of reference is where everything is related to you personally.

Take the meds and talk to your treatment team. It’s important they know your experiencing symptoms.

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I don’t have a “treatment team.” I have a psychiatrist, who I see in about a week.

That is indeed what I have! Was just being encomapassing in case you don’t have a shrink. Even on meds you can get breakthrough symptoms. You may need an adjustment.

Yeah. An adjustment. Could be.

I used to get that all the time when I was off meds or coming off meds. It’s an annoying/scary/embarrassing symptom. Like a twilight zone episode.

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Yeah. Except it lasts for days and they just get more and more relentless. Vicious.

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To me, everything that might’ve been referring to what I thought it was, definitely was, and it lasted months. Terrible symptom.

Yep sounds about right. These days I only have bouts that last a few days at a time. Thankfully.

I’ll agree with the sentiment here. That type of symptom sucks… I had that for a few years and still get it in waves.

My only advice is to do your best to realize it wasn’t true before and likely isn’t true this time. I finally got to a place and found a medication that seems to help.

I feel like that every day. I felt like that on thanksgiving. I feel like that when people say what they did / are doing on any given day.

It usually happens when I’m in groups.

Just flip it upside down.

Now they are talking about how great you are and how jealous they are of your perfection.

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