It amazes me

That no one knows anything about Africa.

Its like listening to a brick wall trying to speak through the cracks of dumbness

I know very little about Africa,

But from what I do know it’s a very interesting place with lots of different cultures.

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Without saying much more about it, I was born in Africa.

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You mean on this forum? My impression is that when it comes to South Africa plenty of people are familiar with the basics. Just yesterday I was having a conversation here at my shelter with a guy who visits Cape Town regularly. I don’t know that much but I’ve read some of your top writers. You’re more famous than you think!

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Many Americans think Africa is a country.


It amazes me seeing tourists and they like OMG you wear clothes :blush:

Dont worry sir, we ride elephants in our garden and keep lions as watch dogs


Currently, a lot of African countries are developing and getting richer.
Not really the third world for some.

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