Is this suspicious?

They were gonna give me 300mg of clozapine instead of 200 but i noticed …

When i am not well, I increase clozapine
from 200mg to 300.
It’s not a big dose

I know but they deceived me

How did you find out?

Idk they gave the wrong meds

I dont understand

i dont understand either

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Great conversation. :crazy_face:

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It might be necessary to increase dose.

I don’t have positive symptoms so doubt it

What did you notice?

I’ve been put on a heavy dose of Haldol after I came into a meeting with my pdoc spitting fire and threatening legal action. HALDOL SUCKS!!! Now I am on Geodon and Seroquel, and I am much happier. The point is to not be confrontational with your treatment team. Use tact. Just ask them very civilly why they changed your med’s, if that is what happened.


they did mistakes on my meds in the psych ward too a couple times… it was just that they left the meds in the blisters so i could see that it was wrong meds…

it’s possibly just a mistake really…

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In the psych hospital they were going to give me someone else’s meds who shares the same first name.
I caught it immediately.

It was done intentionally, there was no mix up.

That psych hospital was a horror shop.

I fainted twice from the abuse.

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I know you’re only 16 but I think they should still inform you.

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I don’t think it is suspicious. Most places will not sneak you more meds if you do not really need them as meds are costly.

Ask them why this happened. It’s possible it was a mistake as others have mentioned.

It’s also possible they felt you could benefit from a higher dose.

If it’s the latter then imo they should have told you beforehand. Either way, they need to know that in the future you prefer to be informed of med changes before they are administered. That you do not feel comfortable with med changes that you have not yet discussed. I think that’s a reasonable ask.

Communication will be very important in dealing with this.

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It sounds like an accident to me.

Are you sure they didn’t do it on purpose?

I’m not sure, but it seems unlikely. It’s much more likely that it was a simple mistake. That happens sometimes.

Call and see?