Is anyone having problems getting onto this site

I cant get on with my home internet but i can get onto all other websites.?

My mobile data works fine though!

Anyone else ?

Sounds like you need to clear your cache and cookies

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Nope tried it twice. Its the only webpage i cant get onto !!

No problems from where I am

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Same here. I had to switch browsers.

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Do you have a browser cleaner? What browser are you using?

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Use CCleaner, free and cleans everything.

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I had that problem awhile back. It just fixed it’s self. :deer::deer::deer:

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What error are you getting ?

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Hey guys. Its still not working. Every page loads fine even but as soon as i click on the forum it wont load.

Ive tried different browsers and clearing the catch etc etc.

My mobile data works fine though

Heres a pic

Did you download and use the free CCleaner? That’ll probably do the trick.

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Does it go to the last web page you are on instead of loading? I am having those problems with Firefox.

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Tried ccleaner still nothing

No every webpage works fine just not forum.schizophrenia.

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Ive tried nearly everything now. Dont know what the prooblem is.

How can every site work fine even but not

Try a general google search for this forum…then click on it. See if that works for you.

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Tried it nothing works !!! :face_with_thermometer:

Try logging in under a new handle similar to Wallafish? I’m sure the mods will understand if you are using a second account…to try to clear up this issue.


The site aint loading for me to even log in so i cant log out !!

Click your avatar at the top right of the page…then click your name…then click “log out”.

Can you even do that?

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