Is there any weaker meds than Abilify?

I am trying to wean off of it. To my understanding its the weakest AP that exists :confused: my doc didnt let me go off the shots

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Every med affects every brain differently. There isn’t a definitive scale of weakest to strongest. All meds have horrible side effects for some people, and make others feel amazing. You haven’t been on Abilify long enough for your body to adjust, though. For me, it took about 6 months before my side effects started to fade away. Before that, I was tired all the time, and felt dumb. But after about 6 months, I started to feel better than I had in a long time. I was able to think so clearly, and keep my attention on things, actually do my chores, and shower daily.

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i was on abilify for 2 months when i was hospitalized for “psychosis”

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Risperdal? Latuda? Haldol? Invega?

Invega is really effective and my mom takes Haldol.

2 months really isn’t long enough.

im sad bc of it… it just increases my intrusive thoughts and makes me feel worse

#informedconsent you have a right to withdraw from the shot. My psychiatrist is letting me stop taking The Aristada Shots. I am going on 10mgs Abilify Sept. 1. You need help with withdrawal however because its dangerous to do it alone, you should try and find someone who will listen to you instead of ignore you if you feel like he is not respecting your request to switch up.

I cant even find my Abilify I finally got it prescribed and then the pills vanished.

i was on 30mg pills and now the abilify maintena shot

my doc doesnt want to change…

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I was on the Aristada shot and now I am going on 10mgs Abilify. I think I will try something else maybe Risperdal. Im sick of Abilify.

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Screw it I’ll prob just take Haldol. My main issue is insomnia.

I threw away the Aristada and couldn’t sleep for FOUR DAYS. NOTHING would make me sleep. Went to the ER TWICE. They finally gave me something to help Risperdal. I was a part of the trial-run for atypical psychotics. But anyways, I don’t know what works. Abilify was the last one that worked in the trial.

And I was on 90mg pills. Lol

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They don’t prescribe doses higher than 30mg here

Nor here, but I had a mad pdoc. I had no side effects though