Got increased to Abilify 30mg

Its the mildest antipsychotic but still… im on the shot also

i wanna kms legit

Its not the mildest Anti Psychotic at all.

Abilify is very strong !

why did someone say its the mildest one then? clozapine is very strong but not abilify in my opinion

APs are very different for everyone.

What works for you might not work for someone else

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Abilify is average. Risperdal and Clozapine are stronger. But sometimes meds don’t work.

hmm should i ask my doctor to change the meds?

Invega knocked my delusions right out of me but I hated being on it so I’ve switched to aripiprazole(abilify).

Let them try Abilify bcz other meds might cause negative symptoms. Abilify causes much less negative symptomes. But if you feel its not working and that you have delusions, tell your Dr all your thoughts and they will decide which med is next.

okay im gonna let them try abilify

@Crystal-Cotton You could always ask for a dna test that tells you what psych meds will work best for you. Check this out:

Too expensive i guess

If you’re in the US, many insurances pay towards the cost. You could call them and ask what your copay would be

Not in the US but Finland instead

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Oh ok. I don’t know about Finland.

That’s really high. How long have you been on abilify for now?

for like 3 weeks, i was on it before for 2 months (15mg though)

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Don’t stop it again bcz you need a higher dose after everytime you stop it. I was on 15 then I needed 25. Now I am thinking about increasing my Risperdal from 4 to 6mg bcz I messed up my meds for 3 days, started having psychosis, severe headaches, insomnia and aggressivity. It was hell.

oh yeah youre probably right
i wont stop it

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