Is There a Bias in the Diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder Among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Patients?

Interesting there is a link. I think there are - maybe - several connections?

I know it might not be a popular statement here, but i wonder if it isnt just logical that when your whole identity and self is more fluid and uncertain, maybe your sexual preferences are more fluid too. Hence the bisexuality. Not sure how to phrase this.

I can also see how bisexuality or questioning your sexuality can lead some doctors to conclude sexual “confusion” > identity confusion > borderline label. Or how a queer orientation in some places can lead to such shaming that a sensitive individual develops borderline.

Just thinking out loud.

Interesting observation. I have borderline and struggle with my sexuality. I sometimes think I should cut my hair short like a man as I hate being attractive. Then recently I thought I should grow it but not to be attractive but for looking better appearance of myself in mirror. I’m heterosexual but dislike sex. That could also be due to my sza and meds.

But yes, I struggle with my feminine identity

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